Cheat Top Eleven

Cheat Top Eleven is one of the most popular apps in Google Play . The free app, you have to like Mourinho and Co. bring your team through tactical skills and transfer skills to the European top . To move more quickly to the top, of course, begs the question of Top Eleven cheats or tips and tricks. Top Eleven is available for free in the Google Play Store and App Store . Strategy which brings you your top – Eleven team to success , learn it here . Top Eleven to your tasks in it , auzustellen your team for the upcoming game , as well as how to care for a classic football manager that you come with transfers to new talents and superstars heard . Your next opponent can beat you in Top Eleven , if you choose the right tactics . As in real – life managers also , your life is complicated by injured players . Also for the proper training should be provided. So that you have enough finances for the salaries of your top stars , you have to take care of you around the stadium expansion , or make skillful transfers.

Cheat Top Eleven

Cheat Top Eleven

Especially at the beginning of the game you are looking for Top Eleven Tips to be able to quickly put together a strong team can buy . You have chosen your team , you should in the first step the menu ” Finance ” seek and there awarded the TV rights to rinse first Top Eleven tokens and money in the till. Also sponsors the negotiations , you should not forget the beginning . Closes her contract with Nordeus from , you do not get a Top Eleven Tokens daily, whether you log in , or . The second contract also gets you a free token for top eleven, but only if you log in every day . But unlike the first contract you get a free Top Eleven Token once you have started the game at a time four days. After ten days, you should extend the sponsorship to continue to get free tokens in Top Eleven . Free Top Eleven Tokens gets you by adding Facebook friends into your game. Here you can not but any friend adden easy to get to Top Eleven money. The new friend , the game must use it regularly and fulfill certain tasks , and also bring his team diligently to success. Keep the Facebook page of Top Eleven in mind. Here are regularly presented actions in which you can get free tokens Top Eleven .

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Once you have signed – Eleven team at the top your contract , invested 500,000 credits in the youth center . Although this issue hurts at first , but for a long-term course of the game it creates the best foundation . The construction of the youth center takes three days . Also for the training center you should put money on the table Top Eleven 10,000 . For the next planning worthwhile , especially the expansion of the medical department , in the event that your injured superstar is coming off a game. The maximum duration of six days of injury can be reduced with a medical department faster thanks to the medical case. Every 4 days you get a new medicine – case. Token not score , so you have to bring your team properly maintained. In the Top Eleven menu training can keep you entertained your team. At the beginning you have 20 training points. Invested at the beginning of this same in all training sessions . This leaves enough time to recover for the next game. In the course you will have the fitness of your Top Eleven in mind. Three hours each added 5% fresh points. Within 24 hours you can build a maximum of 40 % fitness. Prevent injury to your top players , you should not go under a fitness value of 20 %.

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Also provides a now and then a single workout for your players . For this, you need to select the appropriate player , directly and Training Points . Keep your training here Top Eleven points in mind so that all parts of the team are trained balanced. Puts her enough points and effort into a player , it is equipped with a special ability . Each player can only have a maximum of a special force . Before Top Eleven hacks that are circulating on the net, you should guard yourselves . The game is available for free in the Google Play and is funded through In App Purchases . Top Eleven Cheats are therefore not intended by the developers. Who takes advantage of a bug using Top Eleven Hack, will be risking his account will be blocked . Top Eleven Token generators and the like . are often only phishing cases in which their your Facebook data must enter and thus give into the hands of cyber – gangsters without ever a Cheat Top Eleven to see or filled with surveys will thus end up in a subscription trap.